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The forthcoming anime-inspired series will air on Disney XD later this year

The upcoming animated Star Wars TV show Resistance has been given an expected air date.

Produced by Lucasfilm, the show – which was first announced back in April – will follow on from the programme Star Wars Rebels, which concluded its fourth season back in March.

Star Wars: Resistance is now reported to be debuting in October, where it’ll premiere on Disney XD. The show will follow the adventures of a new character, Kazuda Xiono, who is described as “a young pilot recruited to help spy on the First Order”. [via Screen Rant]

Gwendoline Christie and Oscar Isaac will reprise their roles from the live-action Star Wars films by lending their voices to the characters of Captain Phasma and Poe Dameron, while the droid BB-8 will also be part of the cast.

Character art for the new series was previewed during a recent Disney event in France – see that below.

In other recent Star Wars news, a fan-made poster for a “remake” of The Last Jedi lampooned the current action being taken by some disgruntled fans of the franchise.

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The Fro Design Company are behind the comical artwork, which includes the depiction of Rey cooking Porgs and Luke Skywalker as a 1980s action hero. The piece takes aim at some Star Wars fans who are attempting to raise funds to remake The Last Jedi.

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